The University of Texas at Austin and Amazon are launching a science and engineering research partnership to enhance understanding in a variety of areas, including video streaming, search and information retrieval and robotics.

The UT Austin-Amazon Science Hub is the sixth such alliance between the tech company and a leading university. It aims to advance research that prompts new discoveries and addresses significant challenges while creating solutions that benefit society. This will be achieved by fostering collaboration among faculty members and students along with the development of a diverse and sustainable pipeline of research talent.

“We are striving to establish even more collaborations with leading companies and organizations in order to bring together more talented people, produce higher-impact research, and help our students reach their greatest ambitions. The launch of the new hub with Amazon is the latest success story in this effort,” said UT Austin President Jay Hartzell. “I am eager to see the discoveries that our researchers and students will create from this collaboration, and how those discoveries will change the world.”